Tuheen Huda


Tuheen Huda, Manchester

“A shining example of art and science coming together…..”

“He’s not a panda, he’s a man……. He’s AMANDA!”

“All he has to do is stand on stage and smile, that’s enough for me”

Very nice things to have said about you. So thanks.

I am an intensive care doctor and a performer. I spend most of my life navigating my way through polarised experiences. Joy in grief, lust in purity, strength in fragility and life after death.

This is a site for me to start unravelling that online.

You can find out more about what I am working on via the links.

I have performed nationally at various things, you may have even seen me on tv. But all of that is just a bit of fun. What I really look forward to is finding out about you.

Take a look sometime and follow on twitter @kumaluva

Youtube: videos will be updated as time goes by……

DISCLAIMER: any views expressed on here are just opinions. They bear no relevance on my medical practice other than to inform me on how to be a better human being and hopefully a better doctor. If something on here offends you or you feel is incorrect, let me know and we can have a brew and talk about it.

Anything Goes...... Apparently.

Anything Goes…… Apparently.


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