OMG that was fun!

So this year I was fortunate enough to have been invited by Bright Club to perform at this year’s Manchester Science Festival for a one off comedy night.

Since my oddball but chuckle making set at Manchester Pride that involved the love child of Joan Rivers and Vinny the Panda, I have felt a little more comfortable with the idea of a short bit of stand up. Being a panda that ran away from home for being too ugly to be gay, then marrying a muslim woman because the local synagogue tried to feed me too much chicken, and slowly realising through the marriage that peace can be achieved through a stroll in the forest with other married men in my situation…… that story found its home at the Lass O’Gowrie for one night and went down a treat…. along with the foxes biscuits.

So Bright Club….. I have performed a set with them before. On happiness, and how to truly make it. The punchline is, that whatever you try and do, it all comes down to hugs, mindfulness, and shoving a pen in your mouth periodically. It is true and if you don’t believe me, contact me and I will send you a few instructions on how to make it happen. Follow them to the letter and within one month you will have a failsafe way of generating happiness in most tough situations. Well works for me anyway :0)

So off the back of that I was most kindly asked to perform for this year’s halloween at Bright Club’s event at MSF 2013.

BRILLIANT crowd….. an audience of 212 that were so generous and kind, any person starting out in stand up should probably give this a go. This one was about the horrors of ICU delerium….. having personally been under anaesthesia I know first hand how wonderfully free you can be with your tongue…. so sharing that with the audience and helping them to understand the processes of anaesthesia is ACE!!!

Video is here…….

In other news….. I was delighted to be part of the celebrations of the 10th birthday celebrations of the newly titled Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art on the 25th October. Was great fun and I got to play around with some video skills as well. It was a merging of some of the old videos I have made, shown alongside a new story I have written about being a panda and being forced to have sex. Turns out, to a panda, human breeders are zombies with only one thing on their mind.

It has been a great time, and busy still. Currently am working on Duck! with the wonderful Liz O’Neil at Z-Arts and Julia Samuels from 20 Stories High. I get to play Assistant Director for a bit, which is pretty awesome, and I have already learnt LOADS of stuff, and the cast are INCREDIBLE….. real talented bunch of ultra nice people. Have a look at the page, it is a family theatre event, and we start rehearsals next week. The script is witty, and sweet and FAST. Number one thing I have learnt so far…. preparation is key. Organisation breeds slack to play around and structure lends itself to freedom. Obvs.





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