What am I worth?

Ever felt like a million dollars? The black market says you are worth more than $45 million. Organ donors can never be sure, but recipients would say you were priceless. Does your race influence transplant survival? Does your sexuality make a difference to what you can offer?  Does donor personality move into the recipient with the organ? What price is fair?

Creative workshops with communities in England, as well as interviews with patients, experts, donor relatives and psychologists have explored the links between our complex biology and intimate philosophies.

The Mad Hatter of Medicine, Dr. Tuheen Huda, tackles these questions raised and more. Join us on this heartwarming, hilarious journey through the world of transplant medicine guided by your very own doctor.

This is a multi stage project. The main aim of which is to get people talking about organ donation. In my line of work in intensive care, more often than not, we are approaching the discussion about whether someone has expressed wishes to donate their organs at the bedside of a dying relative. So emotionally charged and at a time when it is difficult to know what is the right thing to do…….

I want us to start talking about it earlier. To each other, our friends and our families.

The first work in progress can be seen here

and the post show discussion can be seen here

Currently in development, the stories are unfolding and a third character is emerging. Art installations and live performance interventions are due to take place with this topic over 2013 and in 2014 we are due for another performance of this that delves deeper into ourselves.

Check out whatamiworth.org.uk for future developments.




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